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MS Paint Creation Weekly #1

2012-12-30 17:36:04 by Piggler

Seeing as how my laptop doesn't have photoshop, I will have to convert to drawing things with a mouse in Paint.

Luckily for art portal viewers and my feelings, I'm keeping my work on my profile. However, if you happen to give enough fucks, you can always come back every week and see a new product of my mental ejaculate.

Not looking for critiques or feedback, it's just something to check back on every once in a while and be liek "oh lewk wat pegler drew!"

But if you insist on judging my work, I'm not going to stop you.

anyway heers wat i drawd

MS Paint Creation Weekly #1


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2012-12-31 13:36:50

Looks pretty good for for something in paint

Piggler responds:

i was so hi wen i drew tihs


2013-01-01 18:45:51

You should do anthor "I'll draw you something" thread. And 10/10 seeing as the best I could ever do on paint was stick figures.

Piggler responds:

ur 2 kiend quniy


2013-01-04 18:06:04

If Piggler wiggled, would that make him Wiggler?

Piggler responds:

a wiggly piggly